Todd VanSelus
Redmond, WA

FANATIC: (noun) A person motivated by irrational enthusiasm (as for a cause)
(adj) Marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea
Why fanatic? Jason walked by one day, noticing how much Chinese Oolong tea I drink - called me a "tea fanatic". And I liked it. It's silly. So unlike me. Perfect. Another contradiction.

I'm a contradiction. At least I like to think of myself that way - but as Grandpa would say i'm just going to great lengths to prove to everyone that i'm different. It's my way of getting attention. Hey, Aaron gets chased around his mom's car by Fugate, and I just like to be different. We're all the same - just in different ways. I great up in the lovely town of Auburn, WA that used to be a lot lovelier but seems to be moving closer and closer to a place I just don't want to go. It's interesting because I can't stand Redmond and all these stupid Eastside people, but I get even more irritated by the Auburnites. Here's an example: when driving in Redmond you often are cut off my idiot drivers, because they are in their own little world. They're not exactly meaning to be rude, but it happens nonetheless. In Auburn however, one often gets cut off by idiots who just have this gigantic chip on their shoulder and simply want to get in front of you AT ANY COST. They both exhibit the same behavior - but the reasoning [at least in my perception] is so completely different. Does that mean people's behaviors will generally parallel no matter what the socioeconomic status [or insert other classification here]? We tend to think that the people in our group are somehow acting more "RIGHT" in the upper middle class's case "more polite" but interestingly enough the behavior ends up being the same. Do different motives equal different degrees of right and wrong? I just think they should all be shot. See? There's an example of me saying something just for shock value. It's gotten to the point where I don't even clearly see the line between what I truly think and what i'm saying for shock. Take "i'd rather shoot a human than an animal" for example. There's many reasons why this is a totally logical argument, but do I really believe this? Who knows. Hopefully I never have to find out. And there we go, another contradiction.